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Congratulations to Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy they are celebrating yet another year of extraordinary success.For the fifth year in a row, all 240 seniors at the all-African-American-male high school have earned acceptance letters into a four-year college or university!!!!!

On Tuesday, the Class of 2014 celebrated their  momentous occasion during a traditional ceremony where they exchanged their red uniform ties for a red-and-gold striped tie - a tradition done in observance of their achievement. 

“The tie represents to me moving on from a boy to becoming a young man and actually doing something with my life,” graduating senior Dumar Harris told NBC Chicago. The mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel attended the ceremony Tuesday to give the students a few encouraging words. Dwayne Wade has also donated $10,000 through his foundation, Wade’s World.

Black make excellence

I remember in whatever documentary I saw them in, they were at 96% which was already impressive, but this is beyond amazing.


this movie was fucking weird, I loved it

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  • Papa Pope killed Fitz’s son
  • Maia is still alive
  • Huck goes home to his family
  • Harrison is dead???
  • Fitz goes back to Mellie
  • Liv runs away with Jake????
  • Shonda leaving me in shambles


lmao Maya I’m following her right now!

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Morbid- abnormally susceptible to or characterized by gloomy or unwholesome feelings

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