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HAPPENING NOW (9.24.14): The situation in Ferguson is escalating quickly. Protests continue, following this morning’s burning of a Mike Brown memorial, and another frustrating Ferguson City Council meeting.Looks like the same “antagonize over de-escalate” tactics are back online. Prayers to all those out in the street of Ferguson right now fighting for their right to exist. #staywoke #farfromover (PT IPT IIPT III)  

Bringing back the dogs, choppers, charging the crowd, attempting to bottleneck protesters into an area, AND live shots possible fired into the crowd… what the ever-living fuck is Ferguson PD trying to do?! We’re a month and a half into this saga, and they still don’t know how to de-escalate a situation. Pray y’all. That might be all we got right now.

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96 year old runner and her 60 year old daughter.

you know what…

Grand jury declines to charge two officers involved in fatal Walmart shooting→


White witness lied, and they STILL don’t indict.

Tell me racism is dead. I dare you.

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(9.23.14) — Another morning in Amerikkka. Somebody thought it would be fun to desecrate the Mike Brown Memorial early this morning. I… I really can’t even. #staywoke #farfromover


Here’s a picture of some cops watching the memorial burn although there seemed to be no police at the scene when the fire department arrived.

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The Defender is a pepper spray that when sprayed takes a picture of the person you’re spraying and sends it the police along with your GPS location, user information, as well as flashing a bright light in the attackers face and emitting a loud alarm.



I love how in the demonstration in the last pic homegirl is trying so hard not to laugh


Rest In Power, Troy Davis..
three years ago today, September 21, 2011
murdered by the state of Georgia, even after 7 out of 9 witnesses recanted their statements, and no physical evidence to prove his guilt.
Never forget..


Watch Emma’s speech and take action

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John Crawford’s “concerned citizen” admits he lied.




So he should go to jail.


John Crawford is dead because ONE paranoid white man and his wife decided he was a threat to public safety and called 911.  The story he originally gave police is falling apart because — SURPRISE! —- there are security cameras, so now he’s changed his tune.

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i really hope he goes to jail.

Wait aint…. isn’t what he did a crime?

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Morbid- abnormally susceptible to or characterized by gloomy or unwholesome feelings

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